Transforming Life Experiences into a Saleable Memoir. The Power of Memories.

“Dr. Starr added her unique and special touch to every chapter. She helped me more than anyone else on this ongoing odyssey, adventure. With all of the help, advice and editing, she has been an absolute Godsend. Since I have never engaged in an adventure like this before I really had no idea what to expect.” – Mike Turpen, former Attorney General of Colorado. The process took nearly a year to complete, including over 150 emails to Mike and/or Tate! Few aspiring authors understand what it takes to prepare a manuscript for publication or how to achieve the best outcome with their publisher.

Dr. Joyce Starr – Book Coach, Book Doctor & Book Publisher

Dr. Joyce Starr qualifies for the Olympics in author assistance. She is talented, creative and tireless. She treated my book as a work of art…