Client’s Memoir Features Forward by Bill Clinton: Mike Turpen’s Inspiring “Turpen Time”

Mike Turpen's New Book


Mike Turpen is the most positive attorney, politician or former attorney general you are likely to encounter.

Turpen Time: The Wit and Wisdom of Mike Turpen: It was an honor to serve as Mike’s “book doctor” in preparing drafts for submission to publishers and working with Tate Publishing on final revisions. My appreciation for Mike’s kind words in the dedication: “Dr. Joyce Starr (aka the Book Doctor)…added her unique and special touch to every chapter.”

“I don’t know if I’ve met anyone who is more persistently, continuously upbeat and enthusiastic than Mike Turpen…His life story is a very good read.” – Bill Clinton

Mike rows through life on a boat called optimism. His life jacket is his immense heart. Mike reminds the reader that a value-driven life is neither Democrat nor Republican, left nor right, nor a matter of religious preferences. His inspiring memoir is packed with wisdom and wit on every page.

“You’re only young once, but you have the potential to be immature forever.” “Brush the chip off the other man’s shoulder.” “Accomplish enough to be respected, but humble enough to be liked.”

Mike Turpen treats obstacles as a worthy challenge, knowing when to hold and when to fold. With chapter titles including “Defeating Good Folks,” “Secret to Immortality,” and “Kindness for Adversaries,” you won’t forget his favorite one-liners or his life story.