Vintage Journals: Memoirs, Creative Writing, Drawing, Notebooks

Write your life! What if your electronic memories were to vanish? Phones and computers are hacked. The “cloud” is uncertain. Social media is akin to writing on a movie screen. But journals are private and often “forever.” Our vintage journals will bring a smile to your heart.

Vintage Life Story Journals – Feature Early 1900s Film, Flapper & Opera Stars

Write, draw, dream your future with our Life Story Journals. Vintage cover photographs of famous women from the early 1900s will inspire your journey. The “story” behind each cover is featured within. Perfect gifts for mothers, daughters, granddaughters and home schoolers. Journals are 7 x 10 with 137 unlined pages. Use as a diary, notebook […]

Christian Journals: Inspiring, Jesus Era Covers – Holy Land Sites – 150 Lined Pages Diary or Notebook

Capture experiences and emotions during your Holyland journey. Gift these inspirational journals to family and friends. Perfect for church groups and Christian delegations traveling to Israel. Excellent Diary or Notebook – 150 Lined Pages. Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Free shipping with […]

Israel Travel Journals – Historic & Scenic Cover Photographs – Vintage Journal Diary Notebooks

Israel Travel Journals – Historic cover photographs: Israeli women IDF officers (1950s). Prime Ministers David Ben-Gurion & Golda Meir (1959). The Dead Sea Mountains. True keepsakes. Wonderful gifts.

“Smoke Free Condos Book” Called the Gold Standard for Condominium Boards & Condo Owners – Smoke Free Living

Amazon Customer on February 24, 2016 Format: Paperback on Amazon “I previously worked for the American Lung Association under a health initiative designed to provide free assistance and consultation to management companies, condo owners, and condo boards on the benefits of restricting smoking inside the unit. While adult smoking is by far the minority, and […]

U.S.-Israel Relations: Israeli Giants – The Human Element + 70 Historic Photographs

From David Ben-Gurion, Shimon Peres, Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin to Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and General Ariel Sharon. Candid interviews with Israeli giants and key players on the U.S.-Israeli relationship — dramatized by over 70 historic photographs of Israeli and U.S. leaders in “Kodak” moments. Discover what Americans and Israelis really thought about their counterparts during Israel’s Impossible Era.

Smoke-Free Condos: How We Restricted Smoking Inside Condominium Units & Stopped Secondhand Smoke

Smoke Free Condos by Dr. Joyce Starr is featured on the book review page of the Carter Center 2014 newsletter – right between Jimmy Carter’s recent book and the memoir of former Defense Secretary Bill Gates. Smoke Free Condos is a crucial resource for condo owners suffering from secondhand smoke, condo and HOA boards, and condo association law firms. “A classic – one of a kind,” writes the president of GASP (Group Against Smokers Pollution-Florida).

Washington Jewish Week Features our Children’s Life Lessons Book by Ethel Frances (Ms. Dog) as Chanukah Gift

Life Lessons from a Tail Wagging Dog! Congratulations to Ethel Frances & Marcia Miller. The Washington Jewish Week features Tales from a Tail Wagging Dog in their 2013 Chanukah gift edition. Read more about this enchanting dog book for children here.

Life Lessons From a Tail Wagging Dog by Ethel Frances

Dog Book for Kids: Life Lessons from a Labrador Retriever. Over 20 Beautiful Color Photos that Children will Love. Fabulous bedtime stories for ages 3-5. Easy read for children 6-8. Ethel Frances (aka “Ms. Dog”) is inquisitive. She hopes to learn a new life lesson daily. Ethel Frances is a terrific role model for children. Wise beyond her dog years, her insights inspire kids and parents alike.” Utterly charming.” “Enchanting.” – Amazon 5 Star Reviews

Condo Rights: How to Defend Your Condo Rights & HOA Rights by Dr. Joyce Starr

“I’ve carried your book around with me like a bible, I’ve read it three times. You are such a blessing. If I could reach through the phone and kiss you, I would. I don’t like your book, I love it.” Renowned condo rights expert Dr. Joyce Starr presents the first self-defense guide for concerned or distraught Condo and Homeowner Association (HOA) members. Targeted as a condo whistle-blower over toxic mold, the author confronted and won a complex legal enforcement case. The author presents critical strategies for defending and protecting your condominium association and HOA rights.