Old Flames: Teen Bullies & Prep School Cruelty – A Young Adult Novel

Old Flames: How prep school bullying, hazing and unspeakable abuse altered a young man’s future. Gus is blessed with family wealth and opportunity. Prep school, by contrast, becomes a daily fight for survival. Bullies set his room on fire, and finally, the vicious attack…

Secondhand Smoke in Condos & Apartment Buildings. Those who claim you have no rights are wrong.

Are you choking on secondhand smoke and/or third-hand smoke? The first book on secondhand smoke in condos, co-ops and apartment buildings gives you the tools to fight back. Learn how to protect & defend yourself, loved ones & pets from this carcinogenic threat. The author explodes the myth that chain-smokers can do as they please in condos and multifamily buildings. She champions your right to clean indoor air. Law makers and state legislatures are challenged to protect babies, children and non-smoking adults where they can least defend themselves – in multifamily buildings. Volume 1 in the two-volume “green series.”

Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt Secrets Book: Turn Back the Clock

Buy on Amazon Buy on Barnes & Noble Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt Secrets by Dr. Joyce Starr. A Salty Tale Dr. Starr spins a tale that all ages will enjoy! I can see this book being picked up by National Geographic. Keep it at your fingertips.” – Yvonne Phillips, Feng Shui Expert (FSII) Seasoning […]

Condo Board Election Revolt: How Condo & HOA Board Members Fight Fair Elections

Valmore Lucier served as Chief Election Monitor under Florida’s first Condo Ombudsman, Dr. Virgil Rizzo. The lessons learned can help condo owners across the nation. He takes the reader behind the scenes to share the frustrations, challenges, and oppositions encountered during condo elections and attempts to remove board members. His book describes how condo elections should be conducted – and what some boards and their attorneys are willing to do to stay in power. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to protect condo owners against abuse and mismanagement.

Condo Documents: What Owner-Friendly Condo Association Documents Should Include

Know thy documents! The best way to put an end to unnecessary, irritating and costly homeowner disputes is to modify and correct underlying condo association or HOA documents. But most condo owners have little idea how to read, let alone change or protect their original documents. Discover what excellent association documents should look like and how they should be written. This book was adopted by a developer based in the Northwest as an “enlightened” document template for an entire new community.

Israel: A Foreign Affair by Dr. Joyce Starr

“This is one memoir of Israel that should not be missed. Dr. Joyce Starr has written an insider’s account of Israeli life that covers all of Israeli social strata from kibbutz life to the leaders of Israel’s governments over time…through her lovely written prose you feel the same sense of discovery and adventure that she felt when she served as a kibbutz volunteer.” – Dr. Kenneth C Leiter, Amazon 5 Star Review

Israel Water Wars by Dr. Joyce Starr: A Broken Covenant Over Mid-East Waters

Dr. Joyce Starr exposes behind the scenes battles over Israeli and Middle East water policy that eventually diluted the peace process. She also illuminates the spiritual view of water set forth in sacred writings and how this legacy has shaped the current political terrain. Starr outlines essential steps Israel and her neighbors must take to prevent water shortages, pollution and famine in the future.

Israel: Alisa & Menachem Begin – A Love Affair

A story of Ideals, Strength, and Love. Menachem Begin may have received all the acclaim but Alisa should receive all the credit. The love and belief of Alisa in Menachem and their dreams. Without Alisa a large part of Israeli history would be different. As in so many times the women are heart, soul, and strength behind the man…Truly, in the past, most men would never have succeeded without the support and determination in the combined goals of the couple. – Amazon 5-Star Review

How to Recall Your Condo Association Board or Homeowners Association Board

Authored by homeowners association expert Dr. David Goldenberg, this report leads you through the condo association and homeowners association (HOA) recall ordeal.

Read this guide BEFORE launching a recall petition. Discover which tasks must be undertaken, in what order and precisely how to carry out your recall plan. One mistake could easily derail months of hard work. HOA board and condo board recalls require precision and persistence.

Bible Scriptures on Water by Dr. Joyce Starr: Inspirational Bible Water Verses

Bible Scriptures on Water offers hope for parched times. Our biblical heritage is steeped in water blessings and miracles. Bible scriptures on bodies of water – the parting of the Red Sea, safe passage of the Israelites across the River Jordan and Jesus’ miraculous walk on the Sea of Galilee – are permanently inscribed in the hearts of mankind. Drawing from the wealth of the Scriptures and her own experience, the author brings divine principles into clear focus.