Testimonials from Book Coaching & Published Clients

Client Feedback on Our Book Coaching, Editing & Publishing Services

With your help, advice and editing…you have been an absolute Godsend. You helped me more than anybody else on this ongoing odyssey, journey, adventure. THANK YOU! – Mike Turpen, former Attorney General of Oklahoma, Turpen Time: The Wit and Wisdom of Mike Turpen

I love that you are so open to the universe. It is wonderful and refreshing.” – Elizabeth MacDonald, Fox Business News, Skirting Heresy: The Life and Times of Margery Kemp

As a nurse, I’m used to working with many doctors, and yet Dr. Joyce, aka The Book Doctor, brought an entirely new set of skills that helped elevate and improve my writing. Dr. Joyce is always respectful of the writing process and also deftly, yet gently guided me toward a much more coherent framework. With her support and comments, I now have a book that benefits more women. Dr. Joyce helped me find and amplify my voice and vision.” – Nurse Barb Dehn, The Hot Guide to a Cool Sexy Menopause

I really appreciate your effort to maintain my voice and intentions. You’re incredible. Great edits and chapter titles. I found your draft an extremely fast read, and much improved over what I sent you originally. I’m really impressed with what you’ve accomplished, and look forward to your improvements to come.” – Pastor George Williamson, Born in Sin: Upended in Grace

Dr. Joyce Starr qualifies for the Olympics in author assistance. She is talented, creative and tireless. The first the first time we spoke, I told her that I knew little about publishing. I needed someone to hold my hand and take me through the process step by step. That is exactly what she did, and then some. Dr. Starr revised, restructured and transformed my manuscript into a beautiful children’s book. When all seemed right, she strove for an even higher level. She treated my book as a work of art, from the title, cover and interior photos, choice of fonts to the presentation of interior pages. She urged me to take photographs and then spent countless hours preparing them for the book. Publication is a testimony to her energy and commitment.”
– Marcia Miller, sign language interpreter, Tales of a Tail Wagging Dog

When I first presented my manuscript to Dr. Joyce Starr, it was a diamond very much in the rough. Dr. Starr worked tirelessly to make Old Flames into the book I always believed it could be. There are many diligent and detail oriented editors to be found. However, Joyce Starr went the extra mile for me when I could no longer see the forest through the trees. She literally put her heart and soul into helping me maintain and amplify the voice of my novel’s protagonist. I strongly recommend her because she never loses sight of the need to maintain the artistic integrity of an original manuscript. It is difficult to express my gratitude for her candid guidance about what worked and which areas required more serious revision. Dr. Starr is much more than an editor. She is a writing coach with decades of experience. Throughout our process together I found that I had built an alliance with a formidable guide. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be using her again for future books.” – Arthur Samuels, educator, Old Flames: Teen Bullies & Prep School Cruelty

A masterful job. Every sentence Dr. Starr edited is better, cleaner, clearer and more succinct. I am absolutely thrilled. It’s amazing how she kept the essence but clarified and simplified the syntax. I can’t wait for the next chapter. It’s like I’m reading a new book.” – M. Sachs, surgeon, Cured

Dr. Joyce Starr did an excellent job in restructuring and editing the proposal and sample chapters. I am proud to be associated with this outstanding project.” – Admiral William Owens, former Vice Chairman, US Joint Chiefs of Staff, America & China in the Same Boat

Bravo! I just finished reading the final proposal Dr. Joyce Starr produced for my client. She did an excellent job in restructuring and editing my client’s proposal and sample chapters, along with her well-written, well-organized, compelling pitch letter. I am proud to be associated with this outstanding project. Proposal writing requires a particular set of skills, as well as talent. Dr. Starr is a seasoned and talented book proposal ‘doctor.’ She will walk you through the entire process.” – NY literary agent Judith Ehrlich

Dr. Joyce Starr did a superb job of taking the key points from my text and weaving them into a persuasive, succinct document.” – Dr. Cathy Greenblat, sociologist and photographer, Love, Loss & Laughter: Seeing Alzheimer’s Differently

I am so appreciative of your deep insights and compassion with my story, your amazing depth of caring. I was definitely on the wrong track until speaking with you. The query letter is fabulous. I  am so impressed with the way you brought it together.” – Sharon Bush, fundraising expert

Dr. Starr provided invaluable editing assistance. She helped me look at my material from different perspectives and encouraged my journey as a writer in an honest, straightforward way. Anyone in the midst of writing a book would benefit from the careful attention to detail Joyce provides. Her insights about the publishing industry assisted me in determining the direction I should follow.” – Lisa Winkler, writer

It’s the best $$ I’ve ever spent. I’m totally revising my book and giving it a new title. Thank you so much!” – Ahuva Gamliel, acupuncture therapist

You made me take more than a few steps backwards to think step about what is important – in order to move forward.” – R. Gold

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