Life Lessons From a Tail Wagging Dog by Ethel Frances

There’s a new story-teller in town, and she’s a real dog.

I could not believe how excited the kids were. Your presentation was wonderful – just perfect for third graders! The kids were excited, engaged, and responsive. I did not realize when I started reading the book that it would be a format for teaching so many life lessons in such a delightful way.” Marsha G., Teacher

Utterly charming. Ethel Frances tells her stories as if you are in her world. She (shares) lessons she has learned so that her sisters LuLu and Izzy and her human friends/family will learn as well.” Karen Friedel, Amazon 5-Star Review

Dog Book for Kids: Life Lessons from a Labrador Retriever. Over 20 Beautiful Color Photos that Children will Love. Fabulous bedtime stories for ages 3-5. Easy read for children 6-8. Ethel Frances (aka “Ms. Dog”) is inquisitive. She hopes to learn a new life lesson daily. Ethel Frances is a terrific role model for children. Wise beyond her dog years, her insights inspire kids and parents alike.

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