Life Lessons From a Tail Wagging Dog by Ethel Frances

There’s a new story-teller in town, and she’s a real dog.

I could not believe how excited the kids were. Your presentation was wonderful – just perfect for third graders! The kids were excited, engaged, and responsive. I did not realize when I started reading the book that it would be a format for teaching so many life lessons in such a delightful way.” Marsha G., Teacher

Utterly charming. Ethel Frances tells her stories as if you are in her world. She (shares) lessons she has learned so that her sisters LuLu and Izzy and her human friends/family will learn as well.” Karen Friedel, Amazon 5-Star Review

Dog Book for Kids: Life Lessons from a Labrador Retriever. Over 20 Beautiful Color Photos that Children will Love. Fabulous bedtime stories for ages 3-5. Easy read for children 6-8. Ethel Frances (aka “Ms. Dog”) is inquisitive. She hopes to learn a new life lesson daily. Ethel Frances is a terrific role model for children. Wise beyond her dog years, her insights inspire kids and parents alike.

Dog Talking: Do you often wonder what your dog is really thinking? Just ask Ethel Frances, who will quickly become one of your favorite authors.
With a bit of encouragement, she might even autograph your book. A dog-talker with attitude, Ethel Frances invites you into her colorful, fast-paced life. She loves “most” people, ice cream, and sticks of all sizes.

She dislikes cars, but wishes dogs could drive. Although she adores her dog sisters, Lulu and Izzy, Izzy’s constant need for attention makes her dizzy. Ethel Frances is especially proud of her volunteer work, education, and Canine Good Citizen certificate.

Life Lessons: But Ethel Frances is no pushover. She has strong feelings and opinions: on puppy adoption, puppy names, puppy school, bullying, sibling rivalry, dog walking, people who dislike dogs, mean dogs, sharing and caring, and more. Ethel Frances can also be naughty, driving mommy Marcia to the brink, but it’s all part of the great joy of a dog’s life. This children’s dog book is a must-have for kids, their parents, and pet lovers everywhere. Ethel Frances brings love to all who meet her in person or through her book.

Ethel Frances began writing two years ago. Her inspiration comes from real life experiences: life at home; encounters while taking walks; and from her volunteer work. She does most of her writing when her house is quiet, early in the morning or late at night. Mommy Marcia helps her by doing all of the typing. On most Sundays, you can find Ethel Frances and mom Marcia volunteering in a pet therapy program in Rockville, Maryland.

Tales From a Tail Wagging Dog is a must-have for children of all ages, their parents and dog lovers everywhere. This is the first book in the Ethel Frances Life Lessons Series.

When author Marcia Miller first presented this project, there were no pictures.  Illustrations didn’t fit this book. I suggested that Marcia try taking photographs. She has a talent! We went through a myriad of drafts, and interior cover designs, until we settled on a work that we hope you will enjoy. As both a publisher and editor, I suddenly found it necessary to think like a dog. Marcia is a Sign Language Interpreter. She worked as an assistant teacher in preschool and elementary school and has served with numerous nonprofit organizations. Marcia is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Inc.