Condo Documents: What Owner-Friendly Condo Association Documents Should Include

Creating, Modifying or Revoking Home Owner & Condo Association Documents by Dr. David I. Goldenberg

Know thy documents! The best way to put an end to unnecessary, irritating and costly homeowner disputes is to modify and correct underlying condo association or HOA documents.

But most condo owners have little idea how to read, let alone change or protect their original documents. This work provides detailed condo and HOA document templates that can help protect your homeowner association civil rights, while putting an stop to arbitrary or retaliatory fines, liens and foreclosures. Discover what excellent association documents should look like and how they should be written. This book was adopted by a developer based in the Northwest as an “enlightened” document template for an entire new community.

The condo and HOA document templates presented by the author will help you defend against foreclosure and preserve your civil rights. The book offers a new approach for resolving the intense problems that arise from living in an HOA or Condo and preventing their occurrence in newly formed communities.

If you’re not happy with your existing documents and/or are urgently seeing the best language to revise them, you need this book. Reduce legal costs with ready-made templates that can be quickly adopted or presented to your attorney for final review.