Why you can’t write a book in 5 easy steps. How to become a respected author.

So you want to write a book in 5 easy steps?  Fact vs Fiction.

Writing a book in 5 easy steps - A Fiction

A Fairy Tale

I was searching for “so you want to write a book” posts to learn what others are saying.

One online magazine explains how to become an author in 5 easy steps.

The first step – determine what you want to write about.

Second: Write.  Third:  Find a publisher. And so on…

“Step 1: Ask some questions.  Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a compelling personal story? Who are the readers? Clients? Employees? Answer these now to avoid headaches later.

Step 2: Write the book.  Break the project down into bite-size chunks and be patient–a good book can take more than a year to complete. When you’re finished, ask six peers to review it.

Step 3: Find a publisher New online print-on-demand services will design, print, and even market your book. Be sure to get an ISBN number, which you need to sell your work commercially.”

Allow me to add a touch of reality.

  • There aren’t five easy steps to writing a book. Not even 10 easy steps.
  • It’s never easy, seldom fun and rarely remunerative. The majority of self-published books sell less than 200 copies.
  • If you spend years writing a non-fiction book, the subject might be outdated or overtaken by authors who were faster to market.  Non-fiction books should be completed in less than a year. Fiction typically takes longer.
  • The question: How  many precious years of your life are you willing to devote to writing roughly 180 pages?

And yet authors keep writing books. Why? Because serious writers/respected authors are passionate about their topic. Serious writers tend to love the written word.  Serious writers and authors can mull over a sentence or paragraph for hours, even days, before getting it right.

There is no easy path  – only too many leftover paragraphs, phrases and drafts to count.  Writing your book is only the first step. Learning how to market your book is more than half of the battle.

writing coach or author coach must inspire you forward to the next draft, while saving you months (or years) of effort in both the writing and marketing phases.

Would you like to attract a mainstream publisher?  An experienced author coach will help you produce a stellar proposal and pitch letter.

The bottom line:  Write with the goal of becoming a respected author.

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