Kindle Singles – How to submit your work to Kindle Singles

Submitting your work to the Kindle Singles: What you need to know.

Authors and publishers are free to upload content that they wholly own for consideration to the Kindle Singles.  Amazon will not consider public domain works or works that are currently or have been available or published elsewhere.

The word count must be between 5,000 to 30,000 words.

Authors/publisher must have a publishing account at Amazon and format the work correctly.

Formatting, as you may know, can be a major problem. We  format  for the Kindle Singles alone and/or for your entire book.

Why is formatting important? Why not just send in a PDF or Word document and hope for the best?

Where to sign up for publishing on the Kindle.Need a caring book doctor or book coach?

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~ Hope this helps!  Dr. Joyce Starr