Israel: Alisa & Menachem Begin – A Love Affair

Alisa & Menachem Begin: A Love Affair

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The Begin Affair: Love Behind the Headlines

A story of Ideals, Strength, and Love. Menachem Begin may have received all the acclaim but Alisa should receive all the credit. The love and belief of Alisa in Menachem and their dreams. Without Alisa a large part of Israeli history would be different. As in so many times the women are heart, soul, and strength behind the man…Truly, in the past, most men would never have succeeded without the support and determination in the combined goals of the couple. – Amazon Review

Enlightening and Entertaining. This book is a collection of anecdotes which describe the lives of Menachem and Alisa Begin from the inside, things you would never find out unless told by someone close and on the spot. I absolutely recommend it.” – Amazon Review

Prime Minister Menachem Begin was a modest man of extraordinary stature. Alisa Begin was exceptionally wise, courageous and caring.

Dr. Joyce Starr was blessed to spend personal time with the Begins, to experience their warmth, grace and humanity behind the public curtain. Illuminating the human dimension with private vignettes, the author also includes endearing “Begin” stories recounted by leading US diplomats. Readers will enjoy touching photos of the Begins during their courtship years.

An award-winning author, Dr. Starr has written extensively on Israel and the Middle East Peace Process, including her recent Kindle books, Israel: A Foreign Affair and Israel Water Wars.