Dog Talking: The Author is a Labrador Retriever with Life Lessons to Share

I was riveted by the musings of the kindhearted, spirited and outspoken Ethel Frances – a six year old dog – half-Labrador-Retriever and half-Pointer. This dog lady is a not only a writer; she’s a pro.

My client is a canine

The author is a dog.

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It is the first book by Ethel Frances, but Ethel Frances has been blogging, twittering and updating her Facebook page for the past two years.

Ethel Frances speaks her mind and grabs your heart. After-all, she’s a certified Canine Good Citizen. Dog mom Marcia Miller was enthusiastic, responsive and a joy to work with.

About the story: I loved it. No matter how many times I reread the text, it was always fresh and fun. While targeting young readers, children of all ages, parents, and dog lovers will adore this book. It’s laced with wisdom, wit and dog-talking insights. We intended to use illustrations, but could not find an illustrator that fulfilled our vision for the book. I urged Marcia to take photographs.

She has a talent for capturing her three beloved dogs in special moments – while trying to stop them from running, fighting or knocking her off her feet. Ethel Frances is a large dog. Once she bolts for the unknown, there is no stopping her. Marcia’s photo of Ethel Frances with her favorite stick graces the cover, and there are numerous images inside, including dog sisters LuLu and Izzy. Mom is just getting started. This is the first book in her Ethel Frances Series.

How did we help Ethel Frances and Marcia Miller? In Marcia’s words:

Some publishers and book doctors might go the extra mile. Dr. Joyce Starr – publisher, book coach and editor – qualifies for the Olympics in author assistance. She is talented, creative and tireless. The first the first time we spoke, I told her that I knew nothing about being an author or about publishing. I needed someone to hold my hand and take me through the process step by step. That is exactly what she did, and then some.

“Dr. Starr revised, restructured and transformed my manuscript into a beautiful children’s book. When all seemed right, she strove for an even higher level. She treated my book as a work of art, from the title, cover photo, choice of fonts to the presentation of interior pages. She urged me to take photographs and then spent countless hours preparing them for the book. Publication of Tales From a Tail Wagging Dog by Ethel Frances is a testimony to her energy and commitment.”