Book Coaching Client Barb Dehn Gives Menopause a Sexy Facelift: Hot, Cool Guide

The Hot Guide to a Cool Sexy Menopause: Nurse Barb’s Practical Advice & Real-Life Solutions for a Smooth Transition

Menopause Guide by Barb DehnI doubt there is another writer who can match Barb Dehn’s magical wand on this challenging topic. I was proud to be part of her journey.

“Joyce, This book is only possible because of your superb coaching and guidance.” – Barb Dehn

Menopause can impact a woman’s life in a variety of ways – the experiences of which are as varied and unique as the women who are experiencing them. Nurse Barb wants every woman to know that this is no longer their grandmothers’ generation- there’s no need to just accept whatever comes their way. Vitality, zest, and, yes, a sexy outlook on life are within every woman’s reach.

“Barb Dehn was my guest on my hour long radio show to talk about her new book. She had some terrific tips on how to transition through the change of life.” – Mimi Stoneburner, Host of the Body Talk Health Show

The Hot Guide to a Cool, Sexy Menopause is an extension of what Nurse Barb offers her own patients- which is relatable information, easy-to-understand explanations, and a varied menu of options. The author doesn’t believe in telling women what to do when the hormonal roller coaster of menopause presents a challenge. Instead, she believes in helping women find their own best path for total health.

Menopause isn’t the end, nor is it something to be endured like a root canal. Menopause is a new beginning, and it can be one of the most rewarding times in a woman’s life. There’s a great deal to look forward to during this part of the journey and beyond. Nurse Barb provides a wealth of advice to guide readers along their way.

Each chapter of the book covers a different aspect of the menopause transition. Rounding out the practical information are true-life stories about women who have experienced the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of menopause and how they navigated this journey, growing stronger, more empowered, and healthier. A cool, sexy menopause is just a read away!