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Bible on Water AppBible Scripture Verses on Water iPhone App – Inspirational Bible Scriptures App by Dr. Joyce Starr

Bible water scriptures offer a spiritual net. Water manifests the light and energy of the creator. Indeed, our biblical heritage is steeped in water blessings and miracles. The parting of the Red Sea, safe passage of the Israelites across the River Jordan and Jesus’ miraculous walk on the Sea of Galilee are permanently inscribed in the hearts of mankind.

Quench your thirst for hope with the messages contained in Dr. Joyce Starr’s special work. Immerse yourself in the restorative power of Bible water verses. Use your iPhone or iPod Touch to tap directly into the Source of all Living Waters.

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Children's Prayers to Western Wall of JerusalemChildren’s Prayers to the Western Wall – Inspirational App by Dr. Joyce Starr

It’s often said that prayers to God ascend more quickly from the Western Wall than from anywhere else on earth. This jewel of an iPhone App provides beautiful insight as to how children of all ages and faiths communicate with the Western Wall of Jerusalem.

“When Dr. Joyce Starr’s phone rings at 3 am, it’s usually someone with an urgent message for the Man Upstairs”, wrote the Washington Post Magazine. “It’s not that Starr … is possessed of particular spiritual powers. It’s that her home is connected by fax to the Western Wall of Jerusalem.” Senders using this line permitted their prayers to be used for this exclusive project. Your entire family will love this unique and inspiring collection.

Download your Children’s Prayers to the Western Wall App.


Children's Prayers to Western Wall of JerusalemSun Goddesses Don’t Tan – iPhone by Dr. Joyce Starr

“Sun Goddesses Don’t Tan” brings humor and warmth to the vital sun protection arena. Learn how to stop the sun aging clock. Protect yourself from melanoma and skin cancer. Written as a fictional interview with the sun, this mobile app entertains and informs.

A consumer rights advocate, Dr. Starr offers empowering facts about the use of sunscreens, wide-brim hats, sun protective clothing and sun umbrellas to prevent skin aging and help you look as young as you feel.

This mobile application provides critical information about the damaging effects of the sun and sun tanning salons.

Download your Sun Goddesses iPhone App.