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“Great book and great information. I’ve carried it around with me like a bible. I’ve read it three times. I mark it up and even took it to the hair dresser. You are such a blessing. I don’t like your book, I love it.” ~ Sara B., Chicago.

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How to Defend Your Condo Owner Rights - Homeowner Rights

Defend Your Condo Rights

Defend Your Condo or HOA Rights! What You Must Do When the Board Turns Your Life Upside Down

Renowned condo rights empowerment coach Dr. Joyce Starr presents the first self-defense guide for concerned or distraught Condo and Homeowner Association (HOA) members. Vital information and insider secrets are revealed in remarkable detail. This book is your armor and shield if/when your condo board or HOA board turns your life upside down.

Targeted as a condo whistle-blower over toxic mold, the author confronted and won a complex pet enforcement case. Now she’s transformed her experiences into critical strategies for defending and protecting your rights. Discover how to stop Board abuse – including harassment, retaliation, and frivolous legal actions.

Ignore this book at your peril!

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Non-Smokers Rights in Condos by Dr. Joyce Starr

Non-Smokers Rights - When smokers argue that you have no rights, they're wrong.

Non-Smokers Rights

There is no constitutional right to poison others with smoke toxins. Smokers are not a protected legal class.

SECONDHAND SMOKE CRIMES is a wake-up call for condo boards and property managers who protect the rights of chain-smokers over your right to a smoke-free condo.

This work explodes the myth that chain-smokers can do as they please in condos and multifamily buildings.

It also a weaves a fascinating story.

Confrontations with smokers and their supporters are personal. Some behave like thugs and vipers.

Dr. Starr documents cases where condo owners are fighting back and winning.

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Creating Home Owner & Condo Association Documents: How to Protect Your Con-Dough!

Condo Documents

Creating Home Owner and Condo Association Documents – How to ensure a positive outcome.

Dr. David I. Goldenberg offers a new approach for resolving the intense problems that arise from living in an HOA or Condo and preventing their occurrence in newly formed communities.

His condo and HOA document templates help homeowners defend themselves against foreclosure and preserve their civil rights. Dr. Goldenberg demonstrates how to correct the underlying causes of homeowner disputes – whether a matter of law, politics, or self-serving individuals.

His book is a model for improving condo and HOA documents. If you’re not happy with your existing documents and/or are urgently seeing the best language to revise them, you need this book. If you want to cut down on legal costs, this book provides ready-made templates that can be quickly adopted or presented to your attorney for final review.

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Condo Board Revolt

Condo Board Election Revolt! How Florida’s First Condo Ombudsman Became the 500-Pound Gorilla

Valmore Lucier served as Chief Election Monitor under Florida’s first Condo Ombudsman, Dr. Virgil Rizzo. The lessons learned can help condo owners across the nation.

He takes the reader behind the scenes to share the frustrations, challenges, and oppositions encountered during condo elections and attempts to remove board members.

His book describes how condo elections should be conducted – and what some boards and their attorneys are willing to do to stay in power.

It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to protect condo owners against abuse and mismanagement.

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How to Recall Your Condo Board or HOA Board in 10 Easy Steps! by Dr. David I. Goldenberg

What every condo owner and HOA owner should know about the recall process.

How to Recall Your Condo BoardThis Special Report takes the reader through the condo board recall and hoa recall process in 10 clearly defined action steps.

It will save you enormous heartache and legal bills down the road.

If you don’t start the recall process in the right way, all your work will be in vain.

Learn which tasks must be undertaken, in what order and precisely how to carry out your recall plan.

Read this report BEFORE launching a recall petition. One mistake could easily derail months of hard work.

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When owner managers use your money to fill personal coffers: The dangers of hiring from within.

When Condo Owners Become ManagersCurrent condo/HOA laws allow associations to be run by resident owner managers.

Unfortunately, the dangers are too often ignored with little state protection against abuse and embezzlement.

A typical state reply to a complaint accusing a resident owner of extortion and intimidation: “Please understand that this Division’s inability to take further action is the result of statutory constraints, not a lack of concern. We hope you can eventually solve this matter to your satisfaction.”

Control/protect your money now.

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How to Navigate Your Condo/HOA Documents

how to understand condo documents Don’t even think about purchasing a condo or joining an HOA until you read this special report.

Discover how to navigate the fine print in condo documents and HOA documents.

Learn how to put a stop to “illegal” condo board and HOA board actions by understanding your homeowners association documents and rules.

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