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Condo Problems & HOA Problems: Condo and HOA rules on homeowners association fees and homeowners association assessments. Should condo boards and hoa boards keep collecting condo fees and hoa fees when the amount is in dispute?

I receive weekly questions from condo association and HOA members regarding condo rules, condo fees and condo assessments. These questions are answered in detail in our Homeowners Association Defense Kit or in specific special reports offered on Answers may differ depending on your condo association documents or HOA documents, your state and of course, your personal situation.

The challenge arises when condo association or HOA members are already involved in a bitter dispute with their condo board or HOA board over failure to pay condo fees or condo assessments – and when a simple black and white answer will not suffice. At this point, we typically move into a one-hour consultation. In 99 percent of the cases, an hour is sufficient to address – and often put an end to – the condo problem or HOA problem.

Here is a short list of common questions on HOA/condo association rules and HOA/condo association policies on fees and assessments. You can find the answers here:

  1. Condo Associations: How are condo associations and HOAs established and managed?
  2. Condo Budgets: What are the budget responsibilities of the condo Association or HOA?
  3. Condo Rules: Who approves condo association financial decisions?
  4. Condo Association and HOA Fees and Assessments: What are condo and HOA policies on fees and assessments?
  5. Condo Fees: Are condo boards and HOA boards required to collect condo fees when the amount is in dispute?
  6. Condo Budgets: What are the budget responsibilities of the condo Association or HOA?

To your condo rights and HOA rights.

Dr. Joyce Starr

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