Comments for Dr. Joyce Starr The Home of Starr Publishing Fri, 30 Jan 2015 05:12:25 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on Condo Smoking Bans: Secondhand Smoke Crimes – When Neighbors Poison You, Your Family & Pets by Dr. Joyce Starr by Nicola Fri, 30 Jan 2015 05:12:25 +0000 I’m being poisoned right now. I have some druggie-drunks living next door. It is 4:48 AM in the morning and these chain smoking scum have been smoking since about 2:30 PM this afternoon when they rolled their lazy, fat arses out of bed. I have allergic asthma of which the trigger is passive smoke, I am also very anaemic. I spend a lot of time indoors as I’m too ill to venture out at present, and I am breathing a hell of a lot of second hand smoke. I live in a terraced (row) home and the neighbours the other side also smoke heavily. There is four adult smokers in each house. I moved here to get away from a previous smoky neighbour who smoked cannabis all through the night below me in an apartment, and before that I lived in a studio flat with my ex partner where the whole house smoked, apart from one neighbour. My health has gone downhill even more. I have been experiencing earache and pains in my ears, a hardened nasal lining- which sounds trivial, but is extremely uncomfortable, burning eyes and blurred vision, a hoarse gruff voice, coughing up tonnes of phlegm- all through the day, chest pain and bad lung inflammation, arrhythmia attacks just after they light up, Laboured breathing, wheezing and massive headaches that last all day, as well as having 4 flu/cold virus attacks in six months. I am always popping pain relief for the headaches, my ventolin inhalator lives permanently by my side and I have had ENOUGH. I rang my local environmental health department who told me there was nothing they could do as it is “legal to smoke in your own home” but it is morally wrong, especially when you share walls with other folk. The local council will act if someone is being a nuisance with garden fire smoke pollution, but not the far more dangerous and toxic tobacco smoke problem. THESE WHITE STICKS SHOULD BE WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THIS EARTH, I do not care how much the worlds goverments will lose in taxes from this filth. Just ban them outright.