Israel: A Foreign Affair by Dr. Joyce Starr

Israel: A Foreign Affair by Dr. Joyce Starr

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This is one memoir of Israel that should not be missed. Dr. Joyce Starr has written an insider’s account of Israeli life that covers all of Israeli social strata from kibbutz life to the leaders of Israel’s governments over time…through her lovely written prose you feel the same sense of discovery and adventure that she felt when she served as a kibbutz volunteer.” – Dr. Kenneth C Leiter, Amazon 5 Star Review

Israel: A Foreign Affair offers an insider’s view of Israel, those who shaped Israel’s destiny, and the American-Israel relationship during the peace process era – stories only the author can tell. Melding journey, insight and historic photos, Joyce sheds critical light on the US/Israel relationship. [Read more…]

Israel Water Wars by Dr. Joyce Starr: A Broken Covenant Over Mid-East Waters

Israel Water Wars
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A Reissue of Dr. Starr’s Landmark Work: Covenant Over Middle East Waters

A very deep view on all aspects of the entire Middle East belligerent situation, specially dealing with the water resources politics. Amazon 5 Star Review.

Superbly researched, beautifully written and prophetically alarming.” – Martin Sieff, Washington Times

Dr. Joyce Starr exposes the battles over Israeli and Middle East water policy that eventually diluted the peace process. [Read more…]

Israel: Alisa & Menachem Begin – A Love Affair

Alisa & Menachem Begin: A Love Affair

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The Begin Affair: Love Behind the Headlines

A story of Ideals, Strength, and Love. Menachem Begin may have received all the acclaim but Alisa should receive all the credit. The love and belief of Alisa in Menachem and their dreams. Without Alisa a large part of Israeli history would be different. As in so many times the women are heart, soul, and strength behind the man…Truly, in the past, most men would never have succeeded without the support and determination in the combined goals of the couple. – Amazon Review

[Read more…]

Proofreading: How to Write Bad Headlines

Proofreading is a dying art, wouldn’t you say?

Here are a number of striking examples.

Man Kills Self Before Shooting Wife and Daughter
They put in a correction the next day.

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Why you can’t write a book in 5 easy steps. How to become a respected author.

So you want to write a book in 5 easy steps?  Fact vs Fiction.

Writing a book in 5 easy steps - A Fiction

A Fairy Tale

I was searching for “so you want to write a book” posts to learn what others are saying.

One online magazine explains how to become an author in 5 easy steps.

The first step – determine what you want to write about.

Second: Write.  Third:  Find a publisher. And so on…

“Step 1: Ask some questions.  Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a compelling personal story? Who are the readers? Clients? Employees? Answer these now to avoid headaches later.

Step 2: Write the book.  Break the project down into bite-size chunks and be patient–a good book can take more than a year to complete. When you’re finished, ask six peers to review it.

Step 3: Find a publisher New online print-on-demand services will design, print, and even market your book. Be sure to get an ISBN number, which you need to sell your work commercially.”

Allow me to add a touch of reality.

  • There aren’t five easy steps to writing a book. Not even 10 easy steps.
  • It’s never easy, seldom fun and rarely remunerative. The majority of self-published books sell less than 200 copies.
  • If you spend years writing a non-fiction book, the subject might be outdated or overtaken by authors who were faster to market.  Non-fiction books should be completed in less than a year. Fiction typically takes longer.
  • The question: How  many precious years of your life are you willing to devote to writing roughly 180 pages?

And yet authors keep writing books. Why? Because serious writers/respected authors are passionate about their topic. Serious writers tend to love the written word.  Serious writers and authors can mull over a sentence or paragraph for hours, even days, before getting it right.

There is no easy path  – only too many leftover paragraphs, phrases and drafts to count.  Writing your book is only the first step. Learning how to market your book is more than half of the battle.

writing coach or author coach must inspire you forward to the next draft, while saving you months (or years) of effort in both the writing and marketing phases.

Would you like to attract a mainstream publisher?  An experienced author coach will help you produce a stellar proposal and pitch letter.

The bottom line:  Write with the goal of becoming a respected author.

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How to Recall Your Condo Association Board or Homeowners Association Board

Condo Board Recall Report

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Condo Board Recall: 10 Steps to a Successful Board Recall

Authored by homeowners association experts Dr. David Goldenberg and Dr. Joyce Starr, this report leads you through the condo association and homeowners association (HOA) recall ordeal. Read this guide BEFORE launching a recall petition. Discover which tasks must be undertaken, in what order and precisely how to carry out your recall plan. One mistake could easily derail months of hard work. HOA board and condo board recalls require precision and persistence.

Dr. Goldenberg is a leading economist and homeowners association expert. He’s the author of Creating, Modifying or Revoking Home Owner & Condo Association Documents: Protecting Your HOA or Con-Dough – offering a practical set of governing documents for deed restricted communities. Dr. Starr is a leading condo and HOA rights expert and the author of 17 books.

Kindle Singles – How to submit your work to Kindle Singles

Submitting your work to the Kindle Singles: What you need to know.

Authors and publishers are free to upload content that they wholly own for consideration to the Kindle Singles.  Amazon will not consider public domain works or works that are currently or have been available or published elsewhere.

The word count must be between 5,000 to 30,000 words.

Authors/publisher must have a publishing account at Amazon and format the work correctly.

Formatting, as you may know, can be a major problem. We  format  for the Kindle Singles alone and/or for your entire book.

Why is formatting important? Why not just send in a PDF or Word document and hope for the best?

Where to sign up for publishing on the Kindle.

Authors/publishers can sign up at

How do I get Amazon to review and approve my Kindle Singles work?

Once the book is published, the author/publisher must send Kindle an email with the following info.

Write to Include your KDP account email address and the published book’s ASIN number. Include a short description of the book’s content.

If you don’t want to go through the learning curve, we can also publish on your behalf.

Need a caring book doctor or book coach?

Phone me at 786-693-4223

~ Hope this helps!  Dr. Joyce Starr

Bible Scriptures on Water by Dr. Joyce Starr: Inspirational Bible Water Verses

Bible scriptures on water

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Discover the power of bible water verses, water blessings and miracles.

Bible Scriptures on Water offers hope for parched times.

Our biblical heritage is steeped in water blessings and miracles.

Bible scriptures on bodies of water – the parting of the Red Sea, safe passage of the Israelites across the River Jordan and Jesus’ miraculous walk on the Sea of Galilee – are permanently inscribed in the hearts of mankind.

Drawing from the wealth of the Scriptures and her own experience, the author brings divine principles into clear focus.

Father’s Day: Honoring Dad | Dad was a Ruby – An American Treasure.

My Dad was a Ruby.

He was a gentle, quiet, wise and a truly righteous human being – devoted to family and friends.

When Ruby spoke, people listened.

I never heard him utter a foolish remark.

To act fairly at all times was his core belief. To do otherwise was against his nature. If he owed a nickle, he would return it. He abhorred dishonesty.

If he were alive today, I suspect he would be heart-sick. Nothing in his experience would have prepared him for such widespread political and economic corruption, profound waste and blatant falsehoods delivered daily by elected leaders. It just wouldn’t make sense.

A trillion or two for healthcare? My Dad never suffered a single major physical ailment.  He viewed pills and vitamins with suspicion. In his sixties and beyond, he arose daily at 4:30 a.m., rode a stationary bike for 20 minutes, plunged into the condo pool and swam for 30-40 minutes (counting laps), showered and then took an early morning walk. At 5:00 p.m., he took a second walk.  He never held a grudge or expressed envy for someone who had more.  He was grateful for life. This was his total health care plan.

My Dad took care of friends and neighbors in small ways that mattered a great deal.  Fellow students wrote in annual yearbooks how they turned to him for help with their studies. He was known as the best Board treasurer and most effective Board member in the history of his condo. Unit owners trusted his judgment and his integrity. He served as volunteer treasurer for 10 years.

After the loss of his wife, he volunteered at the local Community Center. The Center honored him as one of the best volunteers of the year. He taught himself Spanish in his eighties so that he could mentor young Hispanic children.

Though few could see it, he was highly emotional and deeply sentimental. Tears would often well up in his eyes when speaking about topics of the heart – his wife and children. When my mother’s health began to fail, he took full responsibility for her care. She was the jewel of his life.

Dad was the ultimate non-consumer. I never once heard him wish for any “thing” for himself. We delighted in buying him gifts for Father’s Day or birthdays, because we knew that he would never buy himself a gift.  He loved those personal gifts so much – a robe, slippers, a tie – that he refused to part with them – ever.

He had the crisp wit of a seasoned Hollywood writer. Even when memory was failing him, he remembered how to turn a phrase. He made me laugh to the very end.

Dad loved the smell of freshly brewed coffee, classical music, history, books and chocolate chip cookies.  The high life held no special appeal. He was too busy delighting in small pleasures and in the power of his mind. He mastered the computer near the end of his life because he knew he could.

Dad believed in hope. During the toughest of times he would say, “Don’t worry, tomorrow will be a better day.”  Choking back sorrow, I asked him, “How will I know that you’re still with me when you’re gone?” He responded, “I will be watching you from rainbows and shooting stars.”

My Dad taught me that right is might, your word is gold, love is all, and that humor heals the soul. My Dad was a Ruby, an authentic American treasure.

Condo Association Fees | Condo Association Assessments | Condo Budget | Condo Rules

Condo Problems & HOA Problems: Condo and HOA rules on homeowners association fees and homeowners association assessments. Should condo boards and hoa boards keep collecting condo fees and hoa fees when the amount is in dispute?

I receive weekly questions from condo association and HOA members regarding condo rules, condo fees and condo assessments. These questions are answered in detail in our Homeowners Association Defense Kit or in specific special reports offered on Answers may differ depending on your condo association documents or HOA documents, your state and of course, your personal situation.

The challenge arises when condo association or HOA members are already involved in a bitter dispute with their condo board or HOA board over failure to pay condo fees or condo assessments – and when a simple black and white answer will not suffice. At this point, we typically move into a one-hour consultation. In 99 percent of the cases, an hour is sufficient to address – and often put an end to – the condo problem or HOA problem.

Here is a short list of common questions on HOA/condo association rules and HOA/condo association policies on fees and assessments. You can find the answers here:

  1. Condo Associations: How are condo associations and HOAs established and managed?
  2. Condo Budgets: What are the budget responsibilities of the condo Association or HOA?
  3. Condo Rules: Who approves condo association financial decisions?
  4. Condo Association and HOA Fees and Assessments: What are condo and HOA policies on fees and assessments?
  5. Condo Fees: Are condo boards and HOA boards required to collect condo fees when the amount is in dispute?
  6. Condo Budgets: What are the budget responsibilities of the condo Association or HOA?

Learn how to protect your homeowner rights here.