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Israel Water Wars: Covenant Over Middle East Waters

Israel Water Wars eBook

“Dr. Joyce Starr’s many years of experience shaping water policies in the Middle East have yielded a work that is a must for anyone with a serious interest in the region’s future.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Compelling! Starr predicts growing water scarcity, pollution and drought unless world leaders undertake regional water security pacts and planning.” – Publishers Weekly

“Superbly researched, beautifully written and prophetically alarming.” – Martin Sieff, Washington Times

“Dr. Joyce Starr has invested enormous scholarly and personal effort to convince the governments of Middle Eastern states that if they do not act in unison to forestall a regional water crisis, they may be dragged into more unnecessary wars.” – Jay Bushinsky, Chicago Sun-Times

“He who controls the water, controls the Middle East. Anyone who wants insight into the events of the next millennium must read this book.” – David H. Hummel, former director, Christian Broadcast Network’s Middle East Television

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The very waters of life, according to Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions, are said to flow from the Holy Land of the ancient Middle East region. Yet, today’s politicians chart a perilous course: Their policies could bury the area under desert sand and concrete, shatter hopes for lasting peace, and pose a threat far beyond the immediate reality.

Dr. Joyce Starr exposes the battles over Israeli and Middle East water policy that eventually diluted the peace process. She also illuminates the spiritual view of water set forth in sacred writings and how this legacy has shaped the current political terrain. The author outlines essential steps nations must take to prevent water shortages, pollution and famine in the all too near future.

Old Flames by Arthur Samuels

Old-Flames Novel-Kindle-Edition

Old Flames Novel Purchase for the Kindle

Old Flames is a prep school tale of wealth, bullying and the physical abuse of a Jewish student. (“I wanted to ask Mr. Harrington to intervene, but feared being viewed as a weakling or worse, a coward.”) When raw antisemitism turns unbearably violent, the gentle victim transforms himself – against all odds – into a decorated “flame throwing” Marine. But respect earned in battle cannot erase childhood humiliation – nor the pain Gus inflicted during World War II. (“The thrill of battle only lasts so long. I became terrified by my third run to see the pain on the faces of the victims.”) Hoping to mend his physical and emotional wounds, Gus seeks redemption in unrequited love.

Richly detailed fiction or a secret family story finally revealed? What do you think? Author Arthur Samuels III was born and raised in New York City (BA Vassar College, MA Fordham University, M.Ed Columbia University). He has taught history in private schools for over twenty years and lives with his wife, son and Golden Retriever.

Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars

“I could relate to many of the accounts. I kept wanting more. Well written and a quick read. I can’t wait for the next book by this new author.” – Amazon 5 Star Review

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Israel: A Foreign Affair by Dr. Joyce Starr

Read "Israel: A Foreign Affair" on your Kindle

Israel: A Foreign Affair

Discover your own lost memories about Israel in this special eBook series. A leading authority on US-Israel relations, Dr. Starr highlights the human dimension, while unraveling the policy consequences.

In this inaugural book, a courageous family background and fateful turning points transform the author into a war volunteer, witness, and champion for the State of Israel.

Her journey catapults her to a key White House role and to the trust and respect of Israeli prime ministers, defense ministers, foreign ministers, and legendary Israeli personalities.

The great divide between Israelis who can’t fathom the American mentality and Americans who know and/or “love” Israel in superficial terms, results in an emotional tension and yearning that affects so many.

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The Begin Affair: The Human Dimension by Dr. Joyce Starr

Alisa and Menachem Begin: A Love Affair

Alisa and Menachem Begin: A Love Affair

Prime Minister Menachem Begin was a modest man of extraordinary stature.

Alisa Begin was exceptionally wise, courageous and caring.

I was blessed to spend personal time with the Begins – to experience their warmth, grace and humanity behind the public curtain.

Illuminating the human dimension with private vignettes, this eBook includes endearing “larger than life” Begin stories recounted by leading US diplomats.

Readers will enjoy touching photos of the Begins during their courtship years.

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Our best-selling report – How to Recall Your Condo or HOA Board in Ten Precise Steps – is now available on the Kindle.

Recall Your Condo Association Board or HOA Board

How to Recall an HOA or Condo Board

Announcing Homeowners Association Defense Reports on the Kindle!

Authored by homeowners association expert Dr. David Goldenberg, this report leads you through the condo association and homeowners association (HOA) recall ordeal.

Read this guide BEFORE launching a recall petition. Learn which tasks must be undertaken, in what order and precisely how to carry out your recall plan.

One mistake could easily derail months of hard work. HOA board and condo board recalls require precision and persistence.

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Non-Smokers Rights in Condos and Apartment Buildings by Dr. Joyce Starr

Non-Smokers Rights

Non-Smokers Rights

There is no constitutional right to poison others with smoke toxins.

SECONDHAND SMOKE CRIMES is a wake-up call for condo boards and property managers who protect the rights of chain-smokers over your right to a smoke-free home.

This work explodes the myth that chain-smokers can do as they please in condos and multifamily buildings.

I fought the smoker next door, and so can you.

When smokers argue that you have no rights, they’re wrong.

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BIBLE SCRIPTURES ON WATER: Inspiration from the Source by Dr. Joyce Starr

Bible Scriptures on Water - Kindle Book

Bible Scriptures on Water

Quench your thirst for hope with the prayers and meditations contained in Dr. Joyce Starr’s special work.

Immerse yourself in the restorative power of Bible water verses. Bible water scriptures offer a spiritual net.

Water manifests the light and energy of the creator.

Indeed, our biblical heritage is steeped in water blessings and miracles.

The parting of the Red Sea, safe passage of the Israelites across the River Jordan and Jesus’ miraculous walk on the Sea of Galilee are permanently inscribed in the hearts of mankind.

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COPING WITH THE LOSS OF A CHILD: Strategies for Living with Loss & How Friends Can Help by the COPE Foundation

Coping with the Loss of a Child Kindle Book

Coping with Loss

This work contains invaluable strategies for coping with child loss and tools for moving forward with life.

Discover how to reduce the acute pain, suffering and stress of child bereavement.

Learn how to strengthen the connection with your lost child.

COPING WITH THE LOSS OF A CHILD features: tips for parents, siblings and friends of the bereaved; suggested meditations from leading support therapists; and a critical list of child loss support websites and child loss hot-line numbers.

The COPE Foundation is a grief and healing organization dedicated to helping parents and families living with the loss of a child. This work represents the collected wisdom of key healers and therapists involved with COPE.

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