Creating Modifying or Revoking Condo Association HOA Documents

Condo Management by Condo Owners Who Milk Their Condo Associations

Condo Management by Condo Owners Who Milk Their Condo Associations

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Bible Meditations on Water

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Smoke-Free Condos Book – How We Restricted Smoking Inside Condominium Units & Stopped Secondhand Smoke

Smoke Free Condos

“A classic – one of a kind,” writes the president of GASP (Group Against Smokers Pollution-Florida). Do you long for a smoke free condominium? Do you wish you could convince your condo board to restrict smoking inside units? Dr. Joyce Starr addresses recent case and state law on secondhand smoke, the Law of Nuisance, Quiet Enjoyment of Property and amendment procedures. She describes key amendment tasks, milestones and costs.

Washington Jewish Week Features our Children’s Life Lessons Book by Ethel Frances (Ms. Dog) as Chanukah Gift

life lessons book gift

Life Lessons from a Tail Wagging Dog! Congratulations to Ethel Frances & Marcia Miller. The Washington Jewish Week features Tales from a Tail Wagging Dog in their 2013 Chanukah gift edition. Read more about this enchanting dog book for children here.

Dog Talking: The Author is a Labrador Retriever with Life Lessons to Share

Children's Dog Book Life Lessons

“Dr. Starr revised, restructured and transformed my manuscript into a beautiful children’s book. When all seemed right, she strove for an even higher level. She treated my book as a work of art, from the title, cover photo, choice of fonts to the presentation of interior pages. She urged me to take photographs and then spent countless hours preparing them for the book. Publication of Tales From a Tail Wagging Dog by Ethel Frances is a testimony to her energy and commitment.” – Marcia Miller

Life Lessons From a Tail Wagging Dog by Ethel Frances

Ethel Fances Life Lessons Dog Book

Dog Book for Kids: Life Lessons from a Labrador Retriever. Over 20 Beautiful Color Photos that Children will Love. Fabulous bedtime stories for ages 3-5. Easy read for children 6-8. Ethel Frances (aka “Ms. Dog”) is inquisitive. She hopes to learn a new life lesson daily. Ethel Frances is a terrific role model for children. Wise beyond her dog years, her insights inspire kids and parents alike.” Utterly charming.” “Enchanting.” – Amazon 5 Star Reviews

Transforming Life Experiences into a Saleable Memoir. The Power of Memories.

Turpen Time by Mike Turpen

“Dr. Starr added her unique and special touch to every chapter. She helped me more than anyone else on this ongoing odyssey, adventure. With all of the help, advice and editing, she has been an absolute Godsend. Since I have never engaged in an adventure like this before I really had no idea what to expect.” – Mike Turpen, former Attorney General of Colorado. The process took nearly a year to complete, including over 150 emails to Mike and/or Tate! Few aspiring authors understand what it takes to prepare a manuscript for publication or how to achieve the best outcome with their publisher.